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Our Mission

What is our service?

We are here to help you to start university, our student advisors will support you through the university application process from Application to Registration. We offer free student support throughout your university application and you will be given one student advisor throughout your process. We help both UK/EU residents and international students, just click on one of them to go to the relevant page. 

Both student support services are 100% free but are completely different.

Why are we FREE?

We do not charge for our service as we get paid by the Universities and our partners to help you successfully start university. 

How can we help you?

UK/EU Students: We can help you start University regardless of what qualification you have, as long as you have work experience. We help you start university in any of the following locations, London, Birmingham, Milton Keynes, Manchester, Cardiff and Swansea. 

The majority of the programs we offer are 2 days a week attendance and all the University degrees are 100% government-funded through student finance.

International Students: Our student advisors will help you choose the best university that fits around you’re requirements. Our Student advisors will also support you through the registration and visa application process and much more 

We offer 2 different services

For UK and EU residents,

Platinum Education Services offer many different degree programs with 2 days/week attendance, fully government-funded by Student Finance. We work with universities in London, Birmingham, Milton Keynes, Manchester, Cardiff, and Swansea. We can also connect you with online courses if this style of study suits your requirements. We will help you with the full application process from start until you are registered.

For International Students,

We can assist you to access universities in the UK, Canada, USA, Australia, Europe, and New Zealand. We offer support with admissions, visas, accommodation, and partial scholarships (up to 30%). We do not offer full scholarships to the UK. Our student support team will guide help you select the best university to suit your needs then proceed to help you gain an unconditional offer letter for your chosen degree program. Followed by supporting you through your visa application process to your chosen destination. 
How are we different from UCAS or applying to the university directly?

5 ways we are different:

  1. We are 100% Free Services (No more Fees)
  2. We apply on your behalf to two or more Universities (No more application forms)
  3. We lease with the university on your behalf (No more waiting for a reply from the University)
  4. We will prepare you for your university interview (No more worrying)
  5. We will help you through either your student finance application (for UK/EU) or the complete Visa Application (International) 

About US

At Platinum Education Services, we strongly believe that everyone should have access to higher education. Whether you have previous qualifications or work experience only, we can help you to access a university education suitable to fit your interests and strengths. With our help, you can start with a foundation, undergraduate, and postgraduate degrees all over the world.

Our mission is to clarify and simplify the often demanding university application process. And our service is entirely free! 

At Platinum Education Services, we want what is best for you. From your application through to your registration, our team of student advisors are here to support you through the whole admissions process and guide you every step of the way. We will help you to find the right course that suits your ambitions, and assist you in submitting your application. We’ll also support you in preparing for any interviews or tests required for university admission. If you’re motivated to start your university career, let us help you to get there!

What our students say
Anglia Ruskin University, Study Law, Study Business, Foundation Degree
Nicoleta Radu
Anglia Ruskin University, London
Studied: BSc (Hons) Business and Law with Foundation
Excellent services and great people to work with. They helped me through the full process, I have just received my offer and I couldn’t be happier! Very helpful staff and received a lot of help with my documents!

They made the application process seem like such an easy process to go trough and stress-free!

Highly recommended!
Study in London, Study a foundation degree, Study in the UK, Study a BA Degree, Study MBA
Billy Fuller
Bedfordshire University, London
Studied: Business Management with Foundation
The experience I had with Platinum Services was like something I have never experienced, in terms of making something that seems almost impossible (in my case university), into a realistic option that could really change your life. This is what they helped me do. Explained to me everything steps by step, how to go about filling out what would be usually a mind-boggling process for some! We were even given an insight as to what to expect from the university interview if we were granted one, which also took a lot of stress and worry of mine, and the other students', Platinum Team were very helpful.

Cannot recommend Platinum Education Services more if you want to enter Higher Education, but feel like it is out of reach. These guys may just find that breakthrough in your, to make a real difference.
Nerquisha Skeet
University of Bedfordshire, London
Studied: Business Management with FY
From the very start, Platinum services have helped me progress into higher education and I can not be any more thankful for them. All the staff across the board treat you with the utmost respect tailoring the service around your wishes and desires. They are only a short call or text away and are always so hands-on and helpful. I use to think that applying for the university was a daunting task but Playnuim services have put those negative connotations to bed and help me progress gracefully enabling me to be one step closer to achieving my dreams.
Ana Luisa, Reviews, companies reviews
Ana Luisa
London Metropolitan University, London
Studied: Biomedical Science
Thank you platinum services for helping me achieve my biggest dream in going to university, when i arrived from Brazil, I thought it would be so hard for me to get in but they made everything so simple and easy, so thankfully I get to study biomedical science at university and take a huge step for my future.

Thank you so much, Platinum team

Ana Luisa
London Met University, Undergraduate, Student, Platinum Education Services, Study in London, Study Business
Ernest Kumi
University of Bolton, London
Studied: Health and Social Care with Foundation
I have always wanted to make the step into the higher education, fear was not letting me do soo not until I meet Platinum Services, I contract them through email they replied me with a phone call, listen to me and gave me procedures on how I can apply to the university, I did not have the qualifications because I lost my college certificates, they told me to call my old college and find out if they can help me get my certificates back on track it did not happen that way because the college only keeps such information on their files for only 3 years, I almost gave up along the way. But Platinum Services did not they kept on calling me, I was then told I can a apply through work experience, I did that, my cv was updated, my Personal Statement was also updated throughout, all time that Platinum Services was there telling me about the deadlines for applying. who has helped me from the beginning of my cv, personal statements, and work referrals, booked a university appointment for me. Platinum Services have walked me through the whole process, working with me throughout this journey. Now I am an undergraduate student studying Foundation Year degree in Business Management at the University of London Metropolitan all because Platinum Services didn't give up on me. PLATINUM SERVICES THANK YOU SOO MUCH FROM ME, MY WIFE AND CHILDREN WE ALL SAY THANK YOU...

Our service is entirely freeContact us now!
Our service is entirely freeContact us now!
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