Dec 09, 2020

There are plenty of reasons why people choose to enter into higher education. For some it’s a necessary next step in moving towards their chosen career, whilst for others it’s a love of their subject and an enjoyment of learning. There’s no doubt about it - higher education courses come with a whole range of benefits. One of the most significant plus sides to completing a university course is the impact on your employability. Here’s why: 

Subject knowledgeIf you’re looking to enter into a career that is related to your subject of choice, your degree will demonstrate on paper that you have an elevated knowledge of that particular subject. If you have the opportunity to choose specialisms within your course, these could help you to appear more attractive as a candidate for future employers. 

Transferable skills

Just by studying at university you’ll gain vital skills that employers will look to gain in their workplace. Examples include time management, group working, adhering to deadlines, independent learning, and creativity. Beyond the subject knowledge of your course, you’ll be able to sell yourself as a candidate on the skills and behaviours that university demands from its students. 

A foot in the door

For many sector-specific roles and careers, a degree is a minimum ‘must’ at the application stage. For some roles, subject-specific qualifications aren’t a necessity - just a university level of education. This is partly to do with the transferable skills mentioned above. For this reason, a higher education qualification can still develop and improve your employability, even if you don’t know which career you’d like to enter into or what your plans are next. 

If you’re reading this and want to learn more about how higher education could help improve your employment prospects, why not get in touch with Platinum Education Services today. Our specialist team of Student Advisors can help you to choose your perfect course and coach you through any questions you have about university life. 

Learn today, lead tomorrow.

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