Dec 22, 2021

Everyone understands how difficult and frustrating it can be to apply to university; the process is often demanding, lengthy, and stressful. There are a multitude of forms that must be completed, and a plethora of documents that are necessary in order for applications to be submitted. For some people, these factors make attending university seem like an unattainable goal. This is where Platinum Education Services can help! Our goal is to make this a reality for anyone by making it as stress-free and seamless as possible.

Platinum Education Services was officially established in 2018 and so far we were able to make University possible for more than 500 students. Our mission is to make university education accessible to all people, regardless of qualifications, and our company was founded on the principle of helping as many people as possible complete a higher education qualification.

The organization is family-owned, with the head office being based just outside the centre of Oxford in the UK. We treat each and every student that comes through Platinum like a member of the family, and it is because of this high level of care that we provide our students that we have seen the organization grow continuously. An international department, dedicated to helping international students on their paths to higher education, has been established in Egypt because of the growth of the organization. With Platinum’s constant expansion, we can support more and more people every day, growing constantly our community keeping our service free for everyone.

“Our mission is to clarify and simplify the University application process so that everybody has the chance to complete their chosen degree!”

It is important that you are passionate and enthusiastic about what you do. In order to choose the right course for you, our Student Support team with their one-to-one mentoring scheme will assist you. Everyone at Platinum strongly believes that no matter what, the opportunity to study should always be available to anyone and everyone. It is because we are passionate about what we do, that we provide a completely free service. We do not charge our students for the services we provide; it is free from the start of the process to the end of the process. On top of this, all of the courses available are 100% government-funded via student finance!

As Platinum Education offers courses that fit around student schedules, we are able to offer a unique education experience. We are able to offer many university courses with only two days of attendance per week! In addition, students who are over 21 and do not have qualifications can apply to university if they have work experience.

“Thank you platinum services for helping me achieve my biggest dream in going to university, when i arrived from Brazil, I thought it would be so hard for me to get in but they made everything so simple and easy, so thankfully I get to study biomedical science at university and take a huge step for my future.

Thank you so much, Platinum team

Ana Luisa"

The following review is one of many you can read on our website. You can also find out more about the universities we work with, such as Arden University, London Met, Bath Spa, etc.

As part of our Marketing Team’s efforts to expand our values in charity, we launched a charitable campaign in December to help provide education to women in countries where this is not an option.

In addition, as an open community, we are constantly looking to expand our team, therefore we offer a referral scheme for anyone: You can refer anyone who is interested in becoming a student at the university. For every student who enrolls at the University, you will be paid £150. Using this form is all you have to do!

We are striving to become more than a Higher Education Consultant and to create a real impact in education, community, and charity!


Fionnghualaula Smith

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