Dec 16, 2021

The global COVID-19 Pandemic has disrupted schools worldwide, affecting people differently, particularly impacting school-aged children. It is more alarming for girls, as 20 million of them may never return to school in developing countries. Platinum Services’ goal is to support students and their families not only during their university application process but to also highlight social and global issues associated with educational inequality. Here are some numbers:

- 132 million girls are out of school

- 1 girl under the age of 18 is married every 2 seconds

- Girls spend 40% more time on chores than boys do

Platinum is committed to aiding the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals; for our Christmas 2021 Charity Campaign, we are promoting Quality Education and Gender Equality. Therefore, from the 8th to the 22nd of December, Platinum Education Services will be running a charity campaign to gain traction on different social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) with the main goal to raise money for three global charities. With our Christmas Charity Campaign, we will donate to three charities that promote safe, equal, and improving future opportunities for girls and boys in a school environment. 

 The selected charities for this year are:

- United World Schools

- Care

- She’s the First


  •  United World Schools:

United World Schools works in some of the world’s most remote and marginalized regions to give every child access to a quality, inclusive education. The charity believes that girls should have the same education and opportunities as boys. They are supporting female education and empowering girls so that they can choose to be whoever they want to be, and create whatever future they want for themselves.


  • Care:

“Women are a vital part of CARE’s community-based efforts to improve basic education, increase access to quality health care and expand economic opportunity for all.” 
CARE works throughout the world to save lives, fight poverty, and promote social justice. It is our goal to create a world of hope, tolerance, and social justice, where poverty has been eradicated and people live in dignity and security.

As a global organization, Care operates in more than 100 countries and reaches more than 90 million people through poverty-fighting development and humanitarian aid programs.

  •  She’s First:

She’s the First to strengthen this ecosystem by providing:

- Training in feminist mentorship, strong sexual and reproductive health and rights education, and girl-centered programs
- Flexible funding for members of our STF Partner Coalition 
- A global network for practitioners
- Tools, curricula, and resources for organizations to strengthen their girl-centred programming

’She’s First’ aid girls and education, highlights the obstacles girls face as they face gender discrimination, poverty, expectations for early marriage and traditional roles; long, dangerous routes to school; unequal share of the pandemic burden. 


With your help…

Globally, girls will have a brighter future. Education has proven time and time again that the power of knowledge and tools it provides girls can improve their lives, their communities, and future generations. 

Among the women who have broken free from societal, political, and personal inequalities during their challenging lives are:

Born in Pakistan, Malala Yousafzai’s father ran an all-girls school in their village. Then came the Taliban, enforcing a system that silenced girls and discriminated against them. Malala became a target of the extremist group after speaking for girls’ rights to education. After surviving this, in 2020 she graduated from Oxford University and established the Malala Fund Organisation to ensure girls receive secure, free, and excellent education.

At an early age, Dr. Hayat Sindi began advocating for science in schools. As a biotechnologist, she is well-known for developing affordable devices that are used to diagnose diseases quickly in developing countries. She believes that an early introduction in school is key. Her belief is that pairing structured learning with practical experimentation will lead to lifelong learners.

As First Lady, Michelle Obama launched an initiative to empower girls through quality education, leading to economic and social development.

Since then, these women have shifted and continue to fight for women’s education rights worldwide. They have the political and social platform to enact these changes, and so do you! Help us, help you, help them!


For each repost, share, and story tag @ukplatinumeducation, the company will donate £2 per person. 
Then after the 23rd of December, Platinum will evenly distribute equally the donations between the three charities (United World Schools, Care, and She’s First).
 Let’s try to make an impact together! #donateeducation



Angeli Labor

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