Nov 18, 2022

Children in Need 2022: How to help!

All around the UK children live in challenging situations that prevent them from achieving the best educational, personal, and societal outcomes. BBC Children in Need organise fundraising events and challenges to support local communities and charities to allow for children within these areas to achieve opportunities for development and growth. They focus primarily on making positive changes to the lives of children and young adults. 

“We fund thousands of charities and projects in every corner of the UK, that support children and young people to feel and be safer, have improved mental health and wellbeing, form better, more positive relationships, and be given more equal opportunities to flourish.”



Children in Need helps schools raise money by aiding them in fundraising ideas from nursery and pre-school to primary school, all the way to secondary school. All the proceeds made go towards funding over 3,900 charities and projects that support vulnerable children and young people all over the country. Some involve providing activities for children with disabilities, some support children who care for a disabled parent, and some provide funding to help families who have suffered the death of a child or parent.

Some of the projects supported, to name a few are:

• Foyle Down Syndrome Trust - This charity funds development workers who support children with Down syndrome.

• Hope House - This is a respite centre for children who have complex needs and require 24-hour care. The centre supports families when the end of life care is needed.

• Action for Children - This charity provides music and art sessions for children who are looked after and in care. These experiences help their emotional well-being and improve their confidence.

• Haven House - This is a special place for children with life-limiting illnesses. The centre supports children and their families during the most difficult times.

• Llamau - This Cardiff-based charity works with children who are at risk of being homeless. These young people are given opportunities to go on work experience, continue with their qualifications and get jobs.

• The Yard - This charity helps children with autism and learning disabilities. Through support, children can make friends and support their independence.


Schools promoting fundraising events from a young age encourage and instil in children a positive reinforcement of how helping can be beneficial and fun. It allows children to learn that these traits are helpful for them and those they are helping. As research has found when it comes to charities, children like supporting other children. A survey of children aged between 9 and 11 found 34% would like to support children’s charities, followed by animal charities (21%), medical charities (12%), disabled or homeless charities (5% each), and charities that help people in other countries and hospitals (4% each)! (


“Talking to your children about giving to charity and the causes they care about can be a great way to bring families together. Help them choose a cause that appeals to them, and where they feel they can make a difference.” Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) (


The importance of teaching children how to help is just as vital as teaching them to help. Children in Need’s encouragement within schools across the nation to experiment with ideas for events and challenges allows students to be creative and have fun whilst helping others.


The BBC Children in Need show will be televised on BBC at 7 pm on Friday, 18th of November. They will present the enjoyable events and challenges organised by schools, companies, communities and even individuals with friends to raise money for Children in Need. These are often prepared weeks prior.

Many celebrities get involved in fundraising by elevating their voices to donate money and encourage others to do the same. Some celebrities share their own childhood experiences and uplift the voices of those living in disadvantaged circumstances.


However, the night is not full of despairing stories, the show is often filled with joyful moments presenting the positive impacts of donations to these charities. From popular comedy sketches, moving performances, music, and many more!

This year’s presenters are set to be Ade Adepitan, Mel Giedroyc, Chris Ramsey, Alex Scott, and Jason Manford.

Returning presenter Chris Ramsey also commented on recent events regarding the rise of cost-of-living in the UK, and the impact this will have on children: “Right now when the cost-of-living crisis is causing more children and families to feel anxious about their futures, money raised through BBC Children in Need’s 2022 Appeal will enable the charity to provide vital frontline support workers for children in communities across the UK.”


Ways that you can help:

Donating to local charities fundraising for Children in Need or participating in fundraising events in your area for Children in Need.

Manage your own sponsored fundraising event, such as organising a bake sale, ‘bear’ pong, dressing up, walking/running a marathon, and many more! (

Buying from the Children in Need shop online where all proceeds go to the charities:

You can also call 0345 7 33 22 33 and donate over the phone. (Standard geographic charges from landlines and mobiles will apply).

To donate £5 text the word DONATE to 70405, to donate £10 text the word DONATE to 70410, to donate £20 text DONATE to 70420 or to donate £30 text DONATE to 70430.

Watching the show! Different stories will be shared along with ways to donate live.

Education makes a positive difference in every child’s life chances.

Every child deserves the chance to fulfil their potential and achieve the best educational outcomes possible, whatever their background and path. Yet adversity in childhood diminishes that chance, putting at a disadvantage those who have needed children’s social care to provide them with help and protection.



Angeli Labor


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