Jan 06, 2021

You are getting ready to embark upon the most exciting adventures of all time: going to University! Starting university can be a huge decision you make as a part of your adult life. This can be the big moment you have been waiting for and a lot of things might be still foggy for you right now as we are in these strange times. However, we have some tips for you to get you started!

Tame your routine

We are in some tough times, where maybe you are required to attend your classes virtually or required to go to University lesser. This can tempt your routines to slide off from normal. In the long term, it can have a negative impact later in your performance.

However hard it is, try sticking to your routine! Get up, study, and eat at the same time. You can try using a planner to record your day and mark off all the tasks you completed for the day.

Try setting realistic goals for the week and month in terms of academic, professional, and personal development. Challenge yourself to learn more skills. This will help you improve your CV and inculcate more knowledge. It will definitely reflect on your grades as well!

Participate and contribute

Ensure that you- read all the books and extended readings, plan and mark your assignments well before they need to be handed in. Take an active part in class events and do not be afraid to voice your opinion. A lot of students possess knowledge but find it difficult to present it in a coherent manner. Communicate with your academic advisor or tutor to get more insights! If you are an international student, you should consider joining an Academic English course in order to structure your essays and assignments in a more cohesive manner.

Stay calm and exercise

It is important to remind yourself to take care of your physical and mental health. Try to find a balance between relaxing and moving your body. It is crucial to move in frequent intervals during the day. Do not forget to take breaks from your intense study sessions or lectures! If you have a garden or open space, make use of it. Have a little stroll and breath in the fresh air! Try walking alone or with friends and family (at a distance), we sometimes forget how such a simple activity can benefit our mental health. Remember to stay within gated spaces and keep yourself and others safe.

Do not forget to be safe

Strictly follow the government’s guidelines on meeting people and going outside. If you are feeling isolated, try joining clubs and societies online to get in touch with like-minded people. Always wear a mask while going to University or in public spaces and wash your hands as much as you can!

We would love to offer more support and guidance during this difficult time. Contact our team and we will try our best to guide you with the resources available to us!


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