Jan 15, 2021

The Swedish higher education system is quickly becoming a firm favourite destination choice among international students. With a completely unique teaching style that focuses on group work and developing strong relationships, the system in Sweden will encourage you to pursue your academic interests as opposed to pushing you for certain grades. Students are encouraged to use their initiative, think independently, and contribute to discussions in lectures and seminars. Being active in the academic community like this is a great way to develop your individual strengths as well as your skills working within a team. 

University institutions themselves rank well on the global stage, with multiple Swedish institutions ranking within the top 100 universities in the world*. If you’re an EU national you’re also lucky enough to benefit from free tuition fees in Sweden, which makes the price tag of international education much more manageable. 

In wider culture, Sweden is one of the most forward-thinking and innovative countries in the world. Not only is Sweden home to a number of large corporations with fantastic employment opportunities for international graduates, the academic research produced around the country is well-respected and has been responsible for successes in tech, health, science, and environmental industries. Almost everyone in Sweden speaks English language. In fact, Sweden ranks second in the world for English language skills and 89% of the population classed as bilingual! This means it’s easier than ever for international students to also tap into Sweden’s rich culture of design, fashion, and music. From the Vikings to ABBA, there’s so much history for you to enjoy in Sweden regardless of your interests. 

Student life fits in with the general Swedish culture of being inclusive, social, and welcoming. With a whole range of events and clubs to enjoy, a sense of community sits at the heart of studying in Sweden - particularly through food and drink. Fika is the Swedish version of a coffee break and is a well known social culture in most workplaces and study institutions. The scenery is also incredible and versatile if you’re looking to take a trip or travel to nearby Scandinavian countries. You might be lucky enough to see the Northern lights and can take advantage of the long summer days. There’s something for everyone to enjoy in this minimalist, simple, and beautiful country. 

If you’d like to learn more about studying in Sweden, get in touch with the Platinum Education Services team today. We can guide you through your study options and help you to start your journey to international education!


*according to topuniversities.com in 2021.

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