Jan 21, 2021

Without a doubt the coronavirus crisis has shaken the education world. Approximately a year on from the initial outbreak of Covid-19, universities across the globe are still combating challenges and obstacles that face the higher education sector as a result of the virus.  

If you’re hoping to head to university this year or in the near future, you may find that there are some changes to traditional student life compared to what you could have expected in a pre-Covid world. These temporary precautions are to ensure student safety and are likely to vary between institutions and destination countries. To familiarise yourself with the guidelines for your particular university, you can check via their institution website or enquire with university staff directly. Some of the main guidelines for most institutions include: 

You may be required to complete some or all of your taught sessions virtually, as opposed to face-to-face methods. Teaching or meetings in person will likely require you to wear a mask and keep to a social distance (2 metres) from others around you. 


The number of clubs and societies available to join may be limited in comparison to before the virus. Some clubs will arrange virtual meetings, whilst others (such as sports societies) will have specific guidance to adhere to when it comes to organising practices and matches. 

Restrictions in wider society could mean that the nightlife and social opportunities are scaled back. Clubs and bars are likely to admit fewer numbers of visitors whilst social distancing is practiced, which may mean you need to book ahead if you’re thinking of going out. 


Of course, the Covid restrictions affecting your university experience will largely differ and depend on your destination country, as well as the government guidance in place at the time of your enrolment and arrival. Advice changes all the time and you should aim to keep up to date with both national and university-level guidance before and during your time at university. 

For more information about what to expect from university life this year, get in touch with Platinum Education Services today. We can advise you of guidelines specific to your destination country and institution, helping you to prepare and make the best of your university experience in 2021. Together, we can prepare you for your next steps in higher education. 

Learn today, lead tomorrow.

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