Jan 22, 2021

Every year hundreds and thousands of graduates enter the job market. In these tough times and competitive market, it is critical that you offer your prospective employer more than your degree. Employers also look for proofs of well-rounded individuals with the potential to succeed and improve in their organisation - this is where the skills chip in! 

Develop your skills 

Use your semester time skilfully before you reach the stage of looking for a job. You can do this activity to understand your skills you have and the ones you need to land at right job. Do a SWOT analysis of your skills. Strengths and opportunities will help you realise the skills you have, and weakness and threats will help you define the skills you need.

You can now assign activities for the skills you need and achieve them. This will help you build your CV in a better manner and will also add to your achievements or experience.

Free training and resources

From April 2021, the government will be offering almost 400 different free courses, worth the equivalent of an A-level qualification. The courses vary in subjects such as accountancy, engineering and business studies.

The national careers service is also going to offer many tools and resources. These include skills assessment, search tools for courses, and guidance with CVs.

A lot of universities and other institutes are also currently offering online short courses. You can always visit our page to know more about them and contact our student advisors for guidance and application processes.

 Make most of your time

To boost your chances, you can strategize and create an appealing online profile on LinkedIn. Also keep your profile open to recruiters and companies so that it becomes easier for them to find your profile and approach you, while you also actively apply for jobs. Try networking with your university’s alumni and find people within your field on LinkedIn to widen your knowledge, network and chances of finding a job. You can also try adding yourself to various Facebook groups to approach a wider audience.

Also, your friends, family and acquaintances might collectively know hundreds of people, and might be able to tell you which businesses which are hiring. Many employers prefer a personal recommendation, and you may be able to hear about these roles before they are advertised.

Do not lose hope

Rejection is a part of the process. Take all NO’s with a pinch of salt and keep moving forward. It is hard not to lose hope however take a small measure of comfort in understanding that everyone is going through the same thing. We are all in this together.

For more information, get in touch with Platinum Education Services today. 

Learn today, lead tomorrow.

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