Dec 17, 2020

With your first term or semester of University coming to an end, the prospect of organising your time over the winter break can be daunting. Here are a few tips from the Platinum Education Services team that will help you stay organised with your academic work whilst you enjoy your time away from University.  

  1. Check your schedule - take note of your class schedule and the deadline dates for any exams and assignments. This will allow you to map out your time efficiently and time your study schedule to perfection. You’ll also be aware of when your classes resume for the following term - giving you plenty of time to prepare ahead of time.
  2. Make a timetable - Use both academic and social key dates as milestones for your study. Make yourself a timetable of goals for each day or week and stick to it as much as possible. Be realistic and reasonable with how much work you set yourself.
  3. Take breaks - Within your timetable, make sure you schedule some breaks for yourself. You should take breaks from study each day, but also give yourself full days off periodically. It’s important to engage your brain in things other than academic work so that you can focus fully when you return to your work. You can also use your break days to catch up on any tasks that you’ve fallen behind on.
  4. Think about long term goals - Remind yourself of why you’re studying for your qualification and how performing well in your studies will benefit your future. Remembering your long term goals for the future can be a great motivation if you’re struggling to stick to your study schedule.
  1. Get rid of distractions - Choose a study space that will optimise your productivity. It may be that you need to declutter your existing desk space, or set up a whole new study environment if you’re relocating for the holidays. Read our blog post about what makes a good study space here

For more advice about how to stay motivated with your academic studies during the winter break, get in touch with Platinum Education Services today. Our friendly team of Student Advisors are here to help you succeed in your qualification and are keen to hear from you!

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