Oct 02, 2020

Universities offer a whole host of enrichment activities to their students. There are often hundreds of clubs and societies to choose from - everything from sports teams to cookery clubs and online gaming groups. 

Here’s why you should consider joining a club or society during your time at University. 

Making friends

Clubs and societies offer you a unique chance to meet like minded people outside of your accommodation and qualification teaching groups. Expanding your social network is beneficial to your wellbeing and the connections you make can last a lifetime. It’s great to have the opportunity to spend time with people who share your common interests and pastimes. 

Having an outlet away from study

it’s important that you have an outlet for your stress and a space to let off steam during intense times of year. Taking yourself away from work environments like the library or your room is good for your mental health, and the distraction of club activities often provides your brain with a much needed break from academic stress. You may even find that when you come back to your desk after taking a break with a club or society, you can think more clearly and become more productive with your work!

Showing you can manage your time

From an employability perspective, being part of a club or society demonstrates that you can manage your time well. It shows that you can negotiate a good work life balance and commit to multiple areas of your life at once. Lots of societies and clubs are led by committees with positions such as treasurer or social secretary. These committee positions look great on a CV as you’ll have gained specialist experience voluntarily, for example as a treasurer you’ll gain experience working with finances. 

If you’d like to learn more about the university experience and how you might benefit from studying for a degree qualification, contact the Platinum Education Services team today. We’d love to help you find your next steps in international education.

Learn today, lead tomorrow. 

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