Aug 17, 2021

Education is key

Education is the most important tool that any society can have to be successful. It reduces life’s challenges, and the more knowledge you gain the more chances you get at having a better career, lifestyle, and growth opportunities.

We at Platinum Education Services believe that "Education is key". We are spreading awareness about education and aiming to help the youth have a better future by starting university, getting a degree, and uplifting them to shine and become active members of society.


Platinum Vs. The Public

We would like to announce the release of our community project "Platinum Vs. The Public" where our host Mamoun the BBC Comedy Awards Finalist travels around the UK engaging with people and asking them questions to test their knowledge, have fun with them and pick a winner to get £500 Amazon voucher as a prize. 

Join us in this fun adventure of comedy, trivia, and fun. Watch the trailer and our first episode of Platinum Vs the Public. 

Mamoun along with our production team headed to our first location which is Stratford, London. Watch out for the funny and audience in Stratford. Every episode will take place in a different location as we aim to mix awareness with fun.



Our Raffle

All the participants who are seen in Platinum Vs. the Public video automatically have entered our raffle to win: 

A £500 Amazon Voucher

2 Tickets to the amazing Thorpe Park

Our exclusive University Starter Pack

 Have you joined our raffle yet?

Join now!


All you have to do is:

 Step 1 - Follow our Instagram page

 Step 2- Share this Instagram post on your story and tag us

 Step 3- Tag 3 friends in the comments

 Step 4 – You will receive a raffle number

The raffle will be held LIVE! 

Kindly note that the raffle is open to UK residents 18+ only!

Winners will be notified via Instagram DMs. Private and public accounts are both accepted.


Stay tuned on our social media to find out more about our second episode!

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