Feb 16, 2022

The process of applying to university can be confusing and intimidating. Despite the excitement of starting the adventure towards higher education; achieving skills, knowledge, and countless future opportunities that a degree can offer – the first steps towards this endeavour can often push others away rather than encourage them to chase it.

It is our mission at Platinum Education Services to make this journey as smooth-sailing as possible. Most importantly – free of charge.

Through our continuously growing variety of university partners around the UK: London, Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff, Leeds, Swansea, and online, potential students have the option of choosing the right course for them with the help of the Student Support Team. Depending on their choice of the university course, prospective students can apply with or without qualifications, and with work experience.


The steps are simple after enquiring:

1- A Student Advisor will contact you

This is a casual conversation all about you! 

Including the university course you want to study, your location and the documents we need to apply on your behalf, and any questions you have about our services.

An email will be sent with all the entry requirements (CV, ID, Personal Statement, Proof of Address, etc.) – Documents are expected within 3-5 working days depending on the deadline.

Our student support team is there to help you edit your CV and Personal Statement if you need it, contact them if you need more time or support.


2- Our Admissions Team will contact you 

Interview booking and preparation!

Once all the documents are in and quality checked, the admissions team will handle your application, scheduling a time between you and the university for the interview. Communication is key! You will receive phone calls, emails from both our admission team at Platinum and from the university, which need to be answered to ensure your application runs smoothly.

They will answer any queries and worries you may have and prepare you for the interview process.


3- Completing your Application with the University

Finalising your application to start your course!

After the interview, you will receive an email with your results from the University.

If you are successful – you can apply for Student Finance (government funding) online to help you with your tuition fees for your course. You will need to accept the offer from the University by replying to the email or signing into the University’s portal with your unique log-in details. 

Some universities require the students to complete enrolment tasks such as attending campus-based induction sessions; completing online inductions; or/and engaging on the university portals. Be aware of these instructions and complying to them within the given time frames of completion.


4- Starting your University Experience

When all these are done successfully, the rest is up to you!

Our Student Support Team and Admissions Team will still be available to contact about queries regarding the application before starting. But once enrolled in the University, the students will have contact information of Student Support and Admissions Support within the University they are enlisted to.


If by any chance, you are unsuccessful in your application, we will try our best to find another university for you.


We acknowledge that the university experience can be difficult sometimes, therefore, If you need extra student advice, are interested in applying for university, or want to refer someone to start university, our team at Platinum is available on WhatsApp, Email, or Telephone. Visit our website for more information. 



Angeli Labor

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