Sep 15, 2020

Your bags are packed. You’re ready to go. Have you got everything you need? 

Make sure to double check your luggage includes our top 10 essentials for starting university.

  1. ID and paperwork 
    This is an obvious one, but double (and triple!) check you’ve packed all the documents you need in order to move in smoothly. Your ID is essential, but beyond this also make sure you’ve got your accommodation and course paperwork, as well as any relevant insurance documents.
  2. Plug adaptor
    If you’re moving internationally to start your university journey, make sure you research the plugs used in your destination country. You don’t want to lose charge after you arrive!
  3. Toilet roll
    Whether you’re in shared accommodation or have an en-suite room, there’s no guarantee that your bathroom will come readily equipped with toilet roll. It’s always best to bring a spare just in case you’re caught short!
  4. Appropriate clothing and footwear
    If you’re going to be studying in a new country, take the time to research the climate. You may need to think about purchasing warmer or cooler clothing depending on your destination. 

  5. Mattress protector
    Ensure your first night in your new home is a restful one by investing in a mattress protector. This affordable extra layer will transform almost any bed into an extra comfortable sleeping place. 
  6. Clothes horse
    A clothes horse allows you to hang your laundry to air dry. If your accommodation has good ventilation then drying your laundry in your room could save you money in the summer months. 
  7. Extension cable
    Pack an extension cable to ensure you’ve got enough plug sockets in your room for all your devices. There’s nothing worse than having to charge one thing at a time, especially when the socket is tucked away in a corner!
  8. Door wedge 
    Either a door wedge or an item with enough weight to prop your bedroom door open will do wonders for your social life. Get to know your neighbours with an open door policy - particularly as you unpack. 
  9. Distinctive kitchenware
    If you’re moving into self-catered accommodation, it’s a good idea to ensure your kitchenware is distinct. You don’t want your plates or cutlery getting mixed up with other people’s, otherwise you might end up with more washing up to do!

  10. Cash 
    On your first night after moving in it’s unlikely you’ll have a chance to go shopping for food and supplies. You may also be busy getting to know your new flatmates! It’s a good idea to have a small amount of cash (or have your bank account set up with the details readily to hand) so that you can order food and relax for the rest of the evening!

For more information about starting university, contact the Platinum Education Services team today. Our Student Advisors will guide you through everything you need to know in order to succeed in higher education. 

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