Feb 12, 2021

Writing a cover letter is tough. Whether you’re heading to university straight from school or if you’re returning to education from the workplace, knowing where to start with your cover letter is a common obstacle for most prospective university students. Here are the top 3 recommendations from the Platinum Education Services team as to what you should include in your cover letter. 


This seems like a simple ask but the number of students who forget to express passion and enthusiasm for their subject is surprising. Make sure that alongside talking about your existing qualifications and experience, you remember to express your genuine interest in your chosen subject and passion for studying itself. Universities look for students who are enthusiastic as they have a higher chance of performing well in their degree qualification. If you don’t express your passion, you might be overlooked! 


Make sure that you research the specific course that you’re applying for as well as the subject department and university itself. Each university is different and can offer different benefits to students. By talking about why a specific institution is right for you and which elements of their course offer you’re excited about, you’re demonstrating through your cover letter that you’re passionate about the specific opportunity that university is offering. The more you can show that you have chosen a particular course and institution for a reason, the more likely the institution is to choose you and accept your application. This will mean writing separate cover letters for each course you’re applying for, but believe us when we say it will pay off! 


As well as explaining your interest in studying, we’d recommend also including what you’re likely to add to the academic department or student community in general. What are your other interests and how will they contribute or make a positive impact at the university you’ve chosen? This is where your research will come in handy - you’ll be able to identify where your skills and talents can be put to good use! 

If you’re thinking of applying to university this year and would like support planning and writing your cover letter, get in touch with Platinum Education Services today. Our friendly team of education experts will guide you through the university application process and help you to successfully produce a winning cover letter. 

Learn today, lead tomorrow.

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