Sep 29, 2020

For many students, choosing to progress into higher education is an easy decision, but deciding where to study is far more complicated. The popularity of choosing to study internationally has grown significantly within recent years and a large number of students now select international institutions as their first choice for higher education qualifications. 

If you haven’t considered how international study could benefit you, we’ve listed our top 3 (of the many!) great reasons for choosing international education below!

1. Culture and history: room to explore

New countries come with new cultures and histories to learn about and immerse yourself in. With the independence of living away from your home country, you can take the opportunity to learn more about the world around you and explore what other locations have to offer. This kind of experience and freedom is difficult to find anywhere else. 

2. Language and communication: enriching your skills 

New countries often also come with new languages. Whether you learn a new language from scratch during your experience, develop existing skills, or adapt to communicate in other ways, your experience overcoming language barriers in a new location will equip you with problem solving skills that stay with you for the rest of your life. Being able to build relationships with others is a strong skill to have and will help you in both personal and professional capacities. 

3. Employability and careers: opening up the world stage

Overall, international study demonstrates to employers that you can be independent and overcome new challenges. The transferable skills developed during international study can be vast and varied, making you an excellent candidate for the international job market in the future. 

Would you like to learn more about international study and how it could change your life? Contact our team of Student Advisors today. Your journey in higher education starts here, with Platinum Education Services

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