May 08, 2021

There’s so much to be excited about when it comes to starting university - and also so much to organise ahead of your start date! That’s where Platinum Education Services comes in. One thing that many new students forget to think about is getting their cupboards stocked with food when they arrive. Here are the top 5 essentials that the Platinum team would recommend for stocking your cupboard when you move in! 

  1. Seasoning - everyone forgets salt and pepper! These are key items that will help pretty much every dish you cook to taste great. What’s more, you’re unlikely to have to purchase seasoning more than once or twice over the course of your first year. If you invest now, you’re sorted for later! .

  2. Oil - Oil is another key purchase that so many students forget! If you’re going to be cooking anything in a pan - from vegetables to meat - oil or some kind of fat for cooking is a real essential. 
  3. Cupboard carbohydrates - pasta, rice, noodles… take your pick! For those lunches on the go and late evening study sessions when you need to have a reasonably quick but filling meal, cupboard carbohydrates are your best friend! Get stocked up so you’ve always got something to boil and eat whenever you need it. 
  4. Tins - when you’re really strapped for time, tins can save the day. From giving you a helping hand with time consuming dishes to providing instant meals in minutes, tins are a brilliant way to keep your options open when it comes to food. Chopped tomatoes, beans, soups, and more… The options are endless! .

  5. Snacks - last but by no means least - make sure you always have something to snack on! Sweet or savoury, something small to keep you powered through the day is vital. You never know when hunger might strike, so give yourself the ability to top up your energy quickly and easily when you need it most.

For more tips and tricks for being prepared for university life, get in touch with Platinum Education Services today. Our friendly Platinum team can answer your questions and help you to start your next steps in higher education in the right way. 

Learn today, lead tomorrow. 

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