Sep 18, 2020

Heading to university this year? Here are our top tips for how to make the most of your time in higher education. 


Always prepare yourself for your classes. Many qualification pathways require preparation work to be completed ahead of each class - looking ahead each week and setting aside the time to complete what’s asked (or even that little bit extra!) will help you to stay on top of your learning. 

Not only will consistent preparation ensure that you keep up with the pace of your course, but when it comes to assessments and exams you’ll be in a better position for success. Revising knowledge is far easier than learning it for the first time, which is why your preparation work can help you to stay ahead and achieve fantastic results.  


As well as arriving to your classes fully prepared and on time, it’s important that you participate when you have the opportunity. Ask questions if you have them and engage with your peers during discussions and debates. Your development should not only be driven by your qualification content but also the other students around you. Your engagement with others will push you to think critically about your subject and could also help to initiate friendships with other students on your course. 

Some courses also incorporate “office hours” into teaching schedules, which is when academic staff set aside time to talk one on one with students about their work and their ideas. Utilising this time and attending office hours with an academic is one of the best ways you can get advice on your studies. You can ask questions about subjects you’re studying, assessments you’re working on, and even topics that you haven’t covered. It’s also a great way for academics at your institution to get to know you - what better opportunity to make an impression! 


Finally, particularly in your first year, make sure you set aside time to relax! Join a club or two (or three!) and get to know new people. University is a great opportunity to try something you have never tried before. In most academic institutions there are societies and clubs covering everything from sports and arts to activism and volunteering. Sign up to taster sessions and get a feel for what might suit you - you won’t ever regret having something to occupy you outside of your studies!

If you want to set your sights even further, take the opportunity between semesters to explore your local area. Experience local food, explore the landscapes around you and immerse yourself in your new home! It’ll help you to settle in and get to know your favourite places to go. 

To learn more about University life and how a higher education qualification could benefit you, get in touch with the Platinum Education Services team today. 

Learn today, lead tomorrow.

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