Feb 26, 2021

We are going to be present on the one of the Biggest High School Students Summit in the Middle East! The event is called Traverse 2021 ‘a guided path’ by iSpark which is going to be held in Cairo, Egypt on the 26th and 27th of February 2021 at Arabella Country club, Third New Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt.

About the event

The event will give you a preview of the different careers you can explore and the organizations you can participate in while you’re still in school. You will get the chance to explore various opportunities with local and international universities, as well as the chance to explore your interests through workshops, career mentorships, extra-curricular activities, fun activities and inspiring speakers.

Meet us

We are going to hold sessions where you can register with us and talk to our student advisors’ team about documents required, accommodation, living expenses, scholarships, loans, managing funds, visa processes and much more. You can also get insights about studying abroad and life of students in foreign countries. We have a team of experienced student advisors who have experience over 30+ years in education and student recruitment.

Guidance and registration

We will be holding live registration sessions where our student advisors’ team will be registering the interested students on the spot and guiding them further with the process of application for the chosen university. Our student advisors can assist you where you can study, which university would suit best for you based on your qualifications and experience.

Come and meet us at Traverse 2021! We will be looking forward to seeing you all over there! Our Facebook and Instagram pages will give you all the updates about what we will be doing and how you can find us at the event! Stay tuned for more!

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