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Do you want a job that is just as fulfilling as it is challenging? Or are you looking to work in a field that can make a difference in people’s lives? If so, consider seeking a career in criminal justice. At some point, many of us are directly impacted by violence, and it is always the subject of public discussion and news coverage. The involvement of crime in our everyday lives contributes to concerns such as: How does society cope with criminals? Which is the cause of illegal behavior? When else can crime be prevented?

Why study this Programme

The purpose of this BA (Hons) Criminal Justice Degree is to provide you with an appreciation of crime and criminal justice. The online course on criminal law at Arden University is based on the areas of criminology, sociology, and law, although the modules will also explore elements such as psychology, politics, and social policy. In this Criminal Justice University course, you will gain knowledge about a wide variety of topics, ranging from socially unacceptable activity to hate crime and extremism, street crime, and cybercrime, as well as influences that are likely to increase or reduce the rates of crime.




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