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About the Programme

Are you looking for a future in criminology and sociology? Do you still find yourself raising questions like: How does crime impact society? And how does society try to regulate the causes and consequences of crime? If this is the case, a BA (Hons) Criminology and a Sociology degree from Arden University will be perfect for you. Our BA ( Hons) Degree in Criminology and Sociology from the School of Law and Social Sciences will assist you to find answers to your urgent questions by investigating the nature of the crime. You will investigate its origins, impacts, compliance, and social ramifications for society, all remotely through distance learning.

Why study this Programme

Studying both criminology and sociology at the university will indeed give you an overview into the field of social values and actions, looking at crime in a broader social sense, and learning how individuals and organisations react to it. Through our BA Honours Degree in Criminology and Sociology, you will have the ability to investigate two related fields of social science. You’re going to spend fair time in all disciplines. Although Criminology focuses on ways to analyse crime, including the police and criminal justice systems, as well as an in-depth study of victims and perpetrators, Sociology examines social interactions and structures, concentrating on current social concerns.




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Arden University
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