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Tower Hill, London
Three Year or Four Year (with Foundation) Degree
Available Starts
February l October
Mode of Study
Full-Time, Flexible learning - study on campus and online with classes available during the weekday, evenings and weekend

About this Programme

Hospitality management is the studying of the general management tasks of Hotels, also, it also involves many other businesses, like food and beverage, travel and accommodations, and events. it also includes housekeeping, spa services, and reception, the duty of a hospitality manager is to be able to manage more than one department at the same time, In this course, you will learn how to work on developing people management, leadership, finance, and marketing skills as well as identifying, understanding and responding to client needs as part of your job duties in this field, This course enables students to build social and teamwork skills that are relevant to their responsibilities as future

Why study this Programme

Hospitality management is one of the most adaptable, flexible, and dynamic sectors. as technology, needs, taste, and innovation are in continuous change as well as the need for individuals to mirror this kind of fast change, understand the dynamic part of the industry and make sure to improve the guest experience and assure him the best environment with the best service. and as consumers’ needs change, new concepts for hotels, travel and restaurants are created. There will be more prospects for hospitality jobs and enterprises as the world transforms, this course will provide you with the qualities to excel in this field.


Universities Available

London College of Contemporary Arts
London College of Contemporary Arts
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