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Have you set your goals on a profession in human resource management? Are you intrigued by HR and its role in the business world and the growth of employees? Or are you interested in the impact of Psychology on a company? If so, the BA ( Hons) Degree in Human Resources Management and Psychology is suitable for you. If you want to know how to get the best possible output from a person, what better subject to study alongside HR than psychology with a BA (Hons) in Human Resources Management and Psychology from Arden University.

Why study this Programme

Human Resource Management and Psychology work collectively together, like two sides of the same coin. One looks at people’s behaviour at the interpersonal basis, while the other focuses on the industrial level. With a course in HRM and Psychology from Arden University, you will be able to discuss interesting concepts including how HR will lead to the success of an organisation, how to interpret human behaviour patterns, and how to interpret British employment and contractual law.




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