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About the Programme

Learn two essential social science topics by distance learning for a BA (Hons) Psychology & Sociology degree at Arden University. Both subjects are investigating and researching human activities–but at varying levels. Although Psychology tends to focus on people, Sociology focuses on wider societal problems impacting people, such as deprivation, racism, and social injustice. 

Why study this Programme

In addition to social issues such as foreign reform and globalisation, these topics are discussed throughout the course. You have the chance to recognise both the individual and the social dimensions together, to offer you a better view of how society works. You must invest equal time learning both fields for this degree of Psychology and Sociology, enabling you to engage in a number of modules for each subject. As well as researching the various ideas and principles in these areas, this degree in Psychology and Sociology offers you the ability to explore and test principles focused on the empirical method.



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Arden University
Arden University
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