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BA/BSc (Hons) Music Business Degree: Navigating the Business of Music

Your Path to Music Industry Leadership Begins Here

Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of music business with the BA/BSc (Hons) Music Business Degree at SAE UK. This program is meticulously designed for individuals who are passionate about shaping the future of the music industry through strategic management, marketing, and artist development.

Unlocking the Business Potential of Music

Embark on a transformative journey through the intricacies of the music business. Our comprehensive curriculum guides you through music industry management, marketing strategies, artist development, and legal aspects. Develop the skills required to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of the music business.

  • Trimester 1: Introduction to Music Business

    Your journey begins by mastering the foundational principles of the music industry. Delve into modules that cover music business structure, copyright, and intellectual property. Acquire a solid understanding of the legal and business aspects that govern the music landscape.

  • Trimester 2: Strategic Music Marketing

    In your second trimester, focus on music marketing strategies that drive engagement and audience growth. Learn about digital marketing, social media campaigns, and audience analytics. Understand how to create effective marketing plans that resonate in the digital age.

  • Trimester 3: Artist Development and A&R

    Elevate your skills in the third trimester as you explore artist development and A&R (Artists and Repertoire). Understand how to identify and nurture talent, curate artist branding, and manage music releases. Learn how to shape an artist’s career trajectory and maximize their potential.

  • Trimester 4: Music Industry Management

    Progress to advanced topics in your fourth trimester. Dive deep into areas like music industry economics, event management, and business negotiations. Acquire insights into the broader music business ecosystem and the strategies required for effective industry management.

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