Key Information

London, Harrow, Southall
3 Years or 4 Years with Foundation
Available Starts
September, January, June, July
Mode of study
Full Time - 2 Days a week

About the Programme

Software Engineering is a truly global operation, concerned with developing and sustaining operating systems and other computer-based solutions. By analyzing all the key components (from a preliminary understanding of the problem to be resolved, through research , design and development, to monitoring, documentation and installation) this degree offers you a oriented education in software engineering that sets you up to satisfy future companies. The foundation year is the catalyst for this degree, providing an excellent base in the foundations of computing, programming and mathematics. It is designed to prepare you for a graduate-level study.

Why study this programme

To provide students with the skills required to excel at the under-graduate level through the foundation year. Build an understanding of how various programming languages can function as tools for the implementation of software designs. Provide students with a comprehensive education in software engineering with a emphasis on assessing and evaluating problems, designing technological solutions and leading implementations. Apply relevant software development methodologies to the design process. Augment students to adapt and learn new skills as the computer industry develops throughout their careers.



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