Key Information

One Year
Available Starts
September 2021
Mode of Study
Full Time or Weekend
Bachelor of Science

About the Programme

Electrical and Electronics Engineering has had a huge impact on our lives, our way of life has been transformed completely. Every day there is a new era and a new invention from laptops, computers, televisions, mobile phones or MP3 players not only that, that includes lighting in our homes or workplaces. Not as well-known but no less important are contributions to medicine, road transport, aerospace, and general industry in the form of patents and patent applications. Students with a relevant HND can enroll in this programme to earn an Honours degree and contribute as a professional to these cutting-edge technologies.

Why study this programme

Students who have successfully completed this course will be able to progress to the Honours Degree level, With this top-up degree, you will receive a challenging and relevant top-up programme that builds a solid knowledge in Engineering that will prepare you for your next high education degree. It focuses on the main competencies needed to maintain and advance your career in the electrical and electronic engineering industries, as well as other related fields.

Universities Available

London College
The London College
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