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One Year
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September 2021
Mode of Study
Full Time
Bachelor of Science

About this Programme

BSc (Hons) Engineering (Civil) (Top-Up) degree programme mainly focuses on the study of hydraulics, structural engineering, and civil engineering, the course major strength is that Engineering Theory and Construction Principles are combined in a practical way with strong ties for students who are interested in a career in construction, project management, or engineering design to find that this course is a good fit for them due to its practical and professional vocational nature, which includes the use of modern teaching, learning, and assessment methods to provide a supportive, friendly, and engaging student experience. Taught by experience.

Why study this Programme

This course will provide you with a stimulating, satisfying, and challenging programme of study in civil engineering to gain a better understanding and appreciation of the technical design and management processes in civil engineering, it also provides you with the necessary knowledge to be prepared to engage in professional development and further study in the discipline of civil engineering, the course will teach you how to learn independently and develop as in civil Engineering even after graduation.
The main goal of this course is to create a mindset of a civil engineer and to improve your ability to think as a civil engineer.

Universities Available

London College
The London College
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