Key Information

London and Manchester
2 Years
Available Starts
July, September & January
Mode of study
Full Time - 2 Days a week

About this Programme

As a business student, you will obtain a base in several areas of industry, before you select a specialty. There is a clear focus on the practical implementation of concepts, through the use of case studies, problem-solving activities, including projects and cooperative learning. You can gain a deep knowledge of company operations as well as learn tailored skills in your particular area of interest. You will also obtain a number of essential skills and experience that will be required for a job all around the business community or beneficial if you choose to consider an alternative profession. 

Why study this Programme

If you’re dreaming of setting up a business, working as a consultant, or pursuing an MBA, a degree in business will give you a lot of potentials. You will graduate with a diverse range of skills that can be implemented to a variety of different fields and corporations, offering you an immense range of career prospects.

Universities Available

University Of Sunderland, Study in the UK, London, Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Bachelors Degree, Masters Degree
University Of Sunderland
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