Key Information

2 Years
Available Starts
October 2021, January 2022
Mode of Study
Full Time or Weekend
BTEC Higher National Diploma

About this Programme

Electrical and Electronic Engineering (BTEC Higher National Diploma) is a course that is designed to assist you in acquiring the fundamental engineering knowledge, skills, and techniques that all engineers, regardless of future specialization, require, it also helps you develop as a professional engineer, a self-reflective individual capable of meeting the demands of employers and adapting to a constantly changing world, With the structure of this course that combines employability skills and academic achievement, The Higher National Diploma in Engineering (Electrical and Electronics) aims to provide you with opportunities to enter or advance in, the engineering sector and prepare you with higher education qualifications such as degrees and honors degrees in engineering or closely related areas.

Why study this Programme

In order to succeed in a variety of engineering careers as an Associate Engineer or Operational Engineer level, you will acquire solid specialist knowledge, skills, and techniques, as being able to fault-find, problem-solve and reflect your vision on the work while contributing to the improvement of the process in the environment you work, This course will help you achieve your goals, understand the rapid pace of change in world-class engineering, and provide you with the opportunity to make progress towards achieving internationally recognized registration with an Engineering Council-regulated Professional Body to guarantee you a high-performance engineering career.

Universities Available

London College
The London College
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