Key Information

London, Wembley, Harrow and Southall
2 Years
Available Starts
January, April, June & September
Full Time - 2 Days a week

About the Programme

HND offers a general understanding of how business works. This course includes all the necessary skills you need to prosper your career in an office-based business setting. You will also gain an in-depth interpretation of today’s business climate, patterns, opportunities and challenges, and will be able to enhance core business and management skills, customer service management, marketing , sales and global business.

Aims of the Programme

The HND in Business offers practical instruction, market knowledge and professional advice in a general business sense. Through a highveld emphasis, it has been structured to acquire the skills and techniques required in industry and to allow students to apply their learning to real economic fields. Each module is tailored to help students develop knowledge and expertise across a wide range of business disciplines, including national and international marketing , management, accounting , business growth and forecasting. 


Level 4-5

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