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2 Years
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January, April, July & October
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Distance Learning

About the Programme

Boost your confidence in data research and improve your management skills for the fast-paced market environment with this Master’s degree. Data is used in many fields of industry, from promotion and advertising to product creation to customer support and beyond. When more and more details are gathered by companies, an in-depth review of the knowledge obtained and its application to decision-making would be critical to corporate performance. Applicants with appropriate technical knowledge will stand out from their peers. 

Why study this Programme

You will research a variety of subjects, including common business and management topics, and more oriented theoretical topics, including The principle that underpins data and information management, Usage of data for current strategy and decision-making, The practice of visual representation, and where, when and how to talk about visualisation decisions




Universities Available

Essex University, Study in the UK, London, Undergraduate, Postgraduate, 
 Bachelors Degree, Masters Degree
Essex University
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