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About this Programme

Improve your expertise in performing complicated criminal investigations, develop your abilities to create informed judgments and logical choices, and broaden your knowledge of a variety of important criminological ideas, procedures, and viewpoints in order to enhance your future effect in the police, jail, probation or other criminal justice environments. Our Masters in Criminology allows you to take advantage of the latest prospects present in the world of psychology, as well as to make you conscious of how modern and growing problems can be tackled.

Why study this Programme

Towards the end of your degree, you will create an original piece of work on the matter of your choice of criminology and criminal psychology, carry out retrieval of data, and a detailed review of the topic and address it effectively. During the course, you will explore course material with fellow students, enhancing your expertise in logical thinking, interaction, and leadership, both of which will improve your ability in possible positions relating to criminology.


Universities Available

Essex University, Study in the UK, London, Undergraduate, Postgraduate, 
 Bachelors Degree, Masters Degree
Essex University
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