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About the Programme

Continue to discuss and appreciate the neurological and mental facets of well-being, physical disease, and well-being. The program will provide you with the advanced expertise required to help lifestyle improvements in individuals with a disability, long-term wellness problems, or people who are mentally healthy, but who wish to enhance their well-being. You will develop trust by performing a variety of activities that can differ from encouraging an improved degree of fitness, advocating a healthy lifestyle, or heading smoking reduction classes.

Why study this Programme

You will also draw on your current analysis and consultancy expertise, studying best practices to develop your strengths in this area. You will review key workshops focused on subjects such as medical -related behavior, the application of clinical psychology to long-term illnesses, and life-span and socio-cultural viewpoints. This curriculum is the start of the road to the level of Chartered Health Psychology if students choose to pursue Stage Two of the Health Psychology Course (through the BPS or certified provider) later. This Master’s degree is also well accepted in many fields of psychology: for example, for those seeking to pursue clinical psychology preparation or to qualify for a PhD. Usually, graduates will be expected to explore professions in the fields of health education , public welfare, policy setting or science, teaching and academics. Most graduates are likely to research anyway.

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University Of Liverpool, Study in the UK, Liverpool, England, Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Bachelors Degree, Masters Degree
University Of Liverpool
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