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About this Programme

Intended for those without a psychology experience, this online degree invites you to investigate this interesting topic and seek professions relevant to the field. The multimedia and part-time aspect of the course helps you to review your current job and family obligations whilst getting a sound base on a variety of psychological topics. Based on whether you have a professional or personal interest in the world of psychology, the course will discuss a variety of scientific concepts and realistic implications around the discipline. 

Why study this Programme

There is a heavy emphasis on employment prospects in the course, and the ability to pursue a broad variety of opportunities with a degree in psychology. You may also be exposed to social testing methodologies that are useful across a variety of relevant professions. The degree will inevitably end in the completion of a thesis, where you can perform a qualitative study on the psychological problem of your choosing and contribute your lessons to the development of your thesis. 

Universities Available

Essex University, Study in the UK, London, Undergraduate, Postgraduate, 
 Bachelors Degree, Masters Degree
Essex University
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