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Ruskin College Oxford
3 Years
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January, June and September
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University of West London

The study of Politics and International Relations at Oxford delves deep into the intricate dynamics of power and wealth that influence global issues. This comprehensive program offers students an analytical perspective on the political, economic, and social forces shaping our world. By examining the causes behind global problems, students gain insights into the complex interactions between nations, international organizations, and non-governmental entities.

Our curriculum is designed to provide a robust understanding of both theoretical frameworks and real-world applications. Students explore various aspects of political theory, governance, international law, and global policy-making. Through a mix of lectures, seminars, and research projects, learners are encouraged to critically assess the effectiveness of different political systems and international relations strategies in addressing global challenges.

Beyond theoretical knowledge, the program emphasizes the development of practical skills in diplomacy, negotiation, and conflict resolution. Students have opportunities to engage in simulations of international negotiations, participate in debates on contemporary political issues, and work on case studies involving current global crises. This hands-on approach prepares graduates for careers in diplomacy, international organizations, policy analysis, and beyond.

Course detail & modules

Topics you will study:

  • the workings of government 
  • the realities of global geopolitics
  • how political institutions interact with the societies they govern 
  • how values and resources are allocated, both nationally and internationally.

Develop and enhance crucial skills valued by employers

Over the course of your studies, we aim to:

  • develop your critical skills by helping you to question and analyse information - simulated diplomatic situations are a core element of the course
  • boost your analytical and communication skills by enhancing your ability to build arguments successfully and work as a team.

Learning and assessment

The course is delivered on a face-to-face basis. You will enjoy a variety of learning methods, such as mini-lectures, pair and group work, learning checks, as well as tutor and student-led discussions.  

Universities Available

University of West London
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